Harrington Machine and Tool, Inc. specializes in CNC machining for both long and short production runs. We are a small town company with large scale capabilities. Our convenient location in Franklin, PA allows us to easily serve customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and the surrounding areas. Our experience and equipment make us attractive to customers from California to Connecticut. So what exactly does make Harrington stand out?

Why Harrington?

  • Size – Harrington Machine and Tool has some of the largest CNC mills and lathes in the Eastern United States. Our recently acquired Leadwell MCV-2000i vertical mill is capable of machining parts up to 89″ x 40″ and our Yu-Shine VTL can turn parts up to 54″ in diameter.
  • Time – Harrington has over 30 years experience in the industry. When we quote a part we can accurately predict the time it will take to acquire raw materials, set up our machines and produce the highest quality parts. Our long-term relationships with raw material providers and other vendors gives us an advantage over the competition.
  • Speed – Harrington has been offering JIT, inventory stocking programs and, in many cases, same day delivery for well over 20 years.
  • People – Harrington is first and foremost a family business. You can expect fast, friendly service from our dedicated long-term employees each and every time you call in. Our plant manager and team leaders have each been with the company for over 15 years. Harrington builds lasting relationships with employees, vendors and customers.

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